Choices choices!

I’m gonna keep on waiting for more blocks but I’m LOVING them all together!! Thank you to everyone who’s gotten me blocks!!






I guess I never posted the blocks I made for Alissa back in April. I hope she got them and that she liked them!

Blocks for Alissa

I really enjoyed making these. Being limited in the colors we had made it more challenging but at the same time made it easier to make appealing blocks. I hope this makes sense in some way. I can’t wait to see how they all look together!

Blocks for Alissa

In case anyone’s still reading… I finally got my act together today and sewed up some blocks for Alissa. I have no excuse and am sorry that it took me so long to sew these–I will mail them out on Tuesday. I did really enjoy sewing them, as I have hardly sewn anything in the past few months, so thank you for the opportunity.

blocks for alissa

I added a teeny tiny liberty scrap because I couldn’t help myself, I hope that’s ok!

And, if anyone still has my fabric and doesn’t think they’re ever going to get around to making blocks, feel free to send it on back to me.

Blocks for Alissa

Here you go, Alissa! I was able to get three blocks out of the fabric supply with just a tiny bit of leftovers.

for Alissa

This will be a gorgeous quilt! I love the colors and the design idea.

Our final month!

Hey All!

So I’ll be sending out the fabric for our last month this week.  I’m sending some solids!

12 Squared

I’d like for you to all make me two 7.5″ (small!) quarter log cabins.

Like this! Or these!

I think that I gave you enough fabric, but I’m not sending tons, so if not, don’t worry about it – just make me one block!


On their way

I finally got around to sewing Linda’s blocks last week and had so much fun I just had to sew an extra one. They’ve been ready to go since Tuesday but I only just got around to mailing them this morning. They should be arriving in a few days!

I really loved the gray, gold and pink combo of fabrics, and somehow, unconsciously my last fabric order had the same colors. Isn’t that funny? Thanks Linda for the inspiration!

Anyways, here are the blocks that will be making their way over to you:

Blocks for Linda

I hope they fit in with the rest!

Now I’m all set to work on April’s blocks, bring it on!

My sewing space is finally usable and I couldn’t be happier. On top of that I have energy again! Woohoo!

I finally got around to sewing Chawne’s blocks this week and they’re now out on their way to her. I’m not used to sewing all these little squares together so I hope the corners meet cleanly enough! I was certainly challenged and I like that a lot.

Mailed out finally

I just realized that there are 2 blue squares quite close to each other, oops!

Next up, Linda’s blocks, and I couldn’t be more excited to start working on them. I have high hopes to try paper-piecing parts of the blocks. I printed a bunch of templates the other day and look forward to try them out.

Now I just have to re-read the instructions to make sure I do it like she asked!

For Linda's Bauhaus blocks