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november fabric bundles.
Hi girls,
I’ve *finally* gotten the November fabric bundles in the mail to each of you! Inside your bundle, you will find a lot of random scraps in many sizes accompanied by 3 large squares of muslin. I’d love for you each to create two or three small houses using the colored scraps and then set the houses into a 12-inch plain muslin block. I have purposefully sent each of you way more scraps than you will need to make the small houses–please send along the leftover scraps back to me with the completed blocks–I just wanted to make sure you would have lots of color and pattern choices for the houses, and I’m hoping for a lot of variety among the house shapes! I’ve included among the scraps some larger scraps of colored shot cottons to be used in the construction of your houses–in case you prefer solid roofs or windows. The houses themselves should be 2-3″ tall within the muslin block.

The inspiration for the November Neighborhood quilt blocks is, of course, the amazing quilt below:
house quilt.
I’m really hoping for a unique + diverse neighborhood, and the sky’s the limit as far as what kinds of buildings to build! Houses, churches, schools, post offices, whatever you like!

If you are stumped construction-wise on how to piece these little houses, take a look at this tutorial for ideas. but *please* come up with your own house designs so that everyone’s will be unique!

I’m really looking forward to seeing what you all *build* from your scraps!!


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Oct. blocks!

So now that it’s Nov. 6th, I’ve finally gotten my October blocks done! Still have so much more fabric that I might make a couple more before putting them in the mail though.

12 Square Oct.

Hope that you like them Melanie!

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I don’t think I ever posted a picture of the blocks I made for Amanda back in September. I really had fun making these wonky stars and the fabric selection was really lovely.

Wonky stars for Amanda

I’m assuming Amanda got them and hopefully they look good with the others she received!

I didn’t have a minute in October to sit down and sew Melanie’s blocks but a few days ago I finally decided on what kind of blocks I was going to make and tonight I took the time to sew them up. I chose 2 fairly simple blocks so that I wouldn’t screw them up too much! My first block is a Rail Fence block and the second one is a Dutch Nine Patch. I hope Melanie likes them!

Blocks for Melanie - October

The larger block is 12 inches square and the smaller is 9 inches square.

I can’t wait to see Megan’s fabric selection and I promise I’ll sew the blocks up faster!

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