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Blocks for Amanda

These are some super quick, totally fun Wonky Star Blocks for Amanda!

blocks for Amanda

I can’t wait to see how they all come together.


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Sucking at 12squared!

Hi Everyone!

So I’ve completely been sucking at 12squared and I am so so so sorry. Life has been full of unexpected drama the past few months and I’m working on getting everything straightened out. Lately the urge to sew has been NIL, no desire, no urge, nothing. And when I do sew, I screw stuff up and the last thing I want to do is ruin someone elses nice fabric!

I’m *way* behind on blocks and I am so so so sorry about that, I hate that I’ve let you guys down. My goal is to get everyones blocks mailed by next Monday. I’m going to try my gosh darn hardest to do that.

Thanks so much for not yelling at me ladies, I appreciate it a bunch and again, I am SO sorry! I know you guys have quilt tops that are waiting on me!

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I finished my August and September blocks in the last week or so (late with the August, early with September, sigh!). I loved how both sets came out.

Here are the ones for Daria. You can read more about my process over at my blog.

august quilt blocks for 12 square

And here are the blocks for Amanda. I liked making these too, and was grateful that the squares were pre-cut.

sept quilt blocks

I really wanted to get these done because we’re moving at the end of the month and I didn’t want any of the pieces to get lost, packed, etc. What I’m loving about 12squared is that even when I’m “too busy” to work on my own things, I get some sewing time in. Hooray!

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August Blocks

Sorry I’m a tad late! I’ll pop these in the mail tomorrow… Hope you like them Daria!  I think you’re going to have an amazing quilt.

12 Squared - August

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