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My turn, My turn!!!  I am sooo excited.  This is my first ever blog post so hang in there with me. 

So for my month I would like to do Wonky Star blocks.  Sound ok?  Here is a really great tutorial http://thesillyboodilly.blogspot.com/2009/02/wonky-star-tutorial.html  I posted some of my faves in the 12 squared flickr group.

Some of the 4 1/2″ squares are fussy cut for the center blocks, and those of you who get those will be able to tell which they are.


I am also sending an extra white square of white kona if everyone would write their name on it  or draw a little picture or something so I can add them to blocks on the back of the quilt.



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Blocks for Daria

I love this design but i might not have seen the boundaries in the rules. I hope these are okay.

These fabrics:

August fabrics

Became these blocks:

August blocks

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Ya’ll Are Awesome!

Holy cow 12 square-ers, I’m blown away by the work that you all have done for me so far!  I finally arranged the blocks that I’ve received so far out today to take a picture, and it looks so GOOD!

Each block that I’ve received has been a joy to open–there’s something special about every one of them.  You all are such talented artists and I truly am honored to be able to keep a piece of what you’ve made for myself!

I cannot wait to show you all the finished product!

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Hello, everyone.

I had planned to get this month’s packages out in the mail today, but I overestimated my speed in sorting out the fabric &, er, underestimated the amount of energy my children would be requiring in our very busy summer, so I will finish up the sorting tonight & get them out tomorrow.

And by “sorting,” I’m talking about this:

august fabrics

All the fabric for my squares comes from my scrap boxes & stash of solids.   I will be sending each of you a couple of bundles of colorful strips + a larger piece of ivory solid.  I’d like simple blocks (one from each bundle) with the scraps pieced parallel to each other, set in the ivory background.  You can sew them all together into a block & then sash them with ivory; you can set them in as stripes with ivory in between some or all of them; you can put them in the middle of the block or wonkily off to one side; you can leave the strips as I’ve sent them or slice & dice to your heart’s content.  Just remember to keep them all parallel to each other, please.


A couple of quick sketches to give you a sloppy visual.  You can also get the idea of what I’m talking about here & here in my flickr sets.

I’d like the finished blocks to be 10″-12″ square.  Since I’m working with scraps, some bundles are going to be bigger than others, & I am going to be wildly estimating how much ivory fabric to send out, so if you’re coming up with a smaller block, don’t worry, I’ll sash it later.

But first!  I will finish all the sorting & get these in the mail!

august bundles

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