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My sewing space is finally usable and I couldn’t be happier. On top of that I have energy again! Woohoo!

I finally got around to sewing Chawne’s blocks this week and they’re now out on their way to her. I’m not used to sewing all these little squares together so I hope the corners meet cleanly enough! I was certainly challenged and I like that a lot.

Mailed out finally

I just realized that there are 2 blue squares quite close to each other, oops!

Next up, Linda’s blocks, and I couldn’t be more excited to start working on them. I have high hopes to try paper-piecing parts of the blocks. I printed a bunch of templates the other day and look forward to try them out.

Now I just have to re-read the instructions to make sure I do it like she asked!

For Linda's Bauhaus blocks


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