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Choices choices!

I’m gonna keep on waiting for more blocks but I’m LOVING them all together!! Thank you to everyone who’s gotten me blocks!!






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Blocks for Alissa

In case anyone’s still reading… I finally got my act together today and sewed up some blocks for Alissa. I have no excuse and am sorry that it took me so long to sew these–I will mail them out on Tuesday. I did really enjoy sewing them, as I have hardly sewn anything in the past few months, so thank you for the opportunity.

blocks for alissa

I added a teeny tiny liberty scrap because I couldn’t help myself, I hope that’s ok!

And, if anyone still has my fabric and doesn’t think they’re ever going to get around to making blocks, feel free to send it on back to me.

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Blocks for Alissa

Here you go, Alissa! I was able to get three blocks out of the fabric supply with just a tiny bit of leftovers.

for Alissa

This will be a gorgeous quilt! I love the colors and the design idea.

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Our final month!

Hey All!

So I’ll be sending out the fabric for our last month this week.  I’m sending some solids!

12 Squared

I’d like for you to all make me two 7.5″ (small!) quarter log cabins.

Like this! Or these!

I think that I gave you enough fabric, but I’m not sending tons, so if not, don’t worry about it – just make me one block!


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Blocks so far

Thanks so much to everyone who has sent along their blocks. I’m especially fond of the ones with the triangles. I appreciate your taking the time to be creative with these. I also think it’s neat that 2 of you ladies used the bird fabric in a very similar block style (I like!). I originally imagined this with big fields of color between some of the blocks but I love how they look edge to edge, too!

quilt 002

These are all of the blocks I have received to date and I’ve emailed each one of you to thank you. If you have sent yours and haven’t heard from me, give me a heads up. Generally I don’t have problems with the  mail but I just want to double check since it’s been a couple of weeks since some of you posted your finished blocks.

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Blocks for Linda

After nearly a month of not being able to sew, I’ve been slowly catching up on my blocks.  Maybe I’m just not as quick as some of you or I need your sewing machines [ 😉 ]but my blocks definitely take more than an hour from planning, cutting, sewing and pressing.  Thank you to everyone for their patience.  I really enjoyed working on these Bauhaus blocks.  I think I may draw on this idea in the future!  I hope you like these Linda!

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72 Squares

I finished these up yesterday and just needed this morning to press them.  I’m sure there was an easier way but I sewed all the squares up individually into rows and then blocks.  I wanted to make sure all the squares were where I placed them! I did one mistake square with a notched corner and another one with 3 different pieces. I had to look twice to find them and I even sewed them!
Squares for Chawne

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