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July Fabric Bundles

Here we go.  I’ve got all of the bundles tied up and packaged, and all that’s left is to take them to the post office.  (Carol, your blocks are packaged in with this month’s fabric!  I’m sorry I didn’t send them out sooner to you!)

I realized after all the fabric was cut that I have no idea of how much I should be sending out to you all.  I have 11 different prints, and in your bundle there is a full folded strip of each.  I was not prepared for how thick the bundle would be once I tied them up.  So, whatever you don’t use, just send on back, and I’ll use them to finish making blocks.  I hope the size doesn’t overwhelm you.

I had a real tough time trying to figure out what to ask you all to make.  I came to the conclusion that I’d rather leave it mostly up to each of you.  I’d like for each block to be a creative square.  Take a typical log cabin and put your stamp of creativity on it.  Squares inside squares, quarters of squares, even a more traditional log cabin will do.  Show me what you most like to make.

The strips are cut into different sized pieces.  No two bundles have the same sizes.  You may cut strips thinner or leave them like they are.  The only real requirement that I’d like you to follow is to make sure that each block is AT LEAST 13 inches square.

I cannot wait to see what you all come up with!  They’ll be in the mail and on their way to you tomorrow morning.


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Blocks for Carol!

It was nice to spend a little time at the sewing machine yesterday making these blocks for Carol.

two blocks for Carol

There was a good bit of print fabric leftover, so I searched my stash for solids to make up a third block.

A third block for Carol

I hope these are okay!

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I always love making a log cabin block and these were no exception! Hope you like ’em Carol!

12 Squared - June

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My June Blocks

I also shared these on my own blog, but thought I should post here too.

This weekend I cleared off my sewing table to get to work on the lovely blue and green fabrics that Carol sent.

june quilt blocks

june quilt blocks

It was fun to work with the blues and greens, since I don’t really have a lot of those colors in my stash (in prints, anyway). I added a few more tones of blue and green to these blocks for fun. I didn’t squeak out a third block because I didn’t think there were enough long pieces or solids to do so, but I am sending back the extra material just in case.

These were really fun colors to work with- I don’ t have a lot of blue and green prints in my stash. And I love Kaffe Fassett’s fabrics,  so there you go.

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3 blocks for Carol

This weekend I decided to spend some time sewing Carol’s blocks. I needed something relaxing to sew and log cabin blocks were just what I needed.

I loved the color combination of the blues, greens and brown and I think that all the blocks together will make a great quilt.

I had fun piecing the first two blocks and had just enough of the solids so that I could make a third block.

12 Squared - blocks for Carol

I added just a little bit of my own fabric, I had something that worked very well and I hope that Carol will like them too!

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My May Blocks

I’ve been meaning to post the pictures of my finished blocks for Valerie–at least I managed to keep my procrastination to posting about the blocks, rather than finishing them this month!

I really loved the choice of fabrics that I had to use for this.  I would have never thought to put many of these colors together, but Valerie had really great taste in her choices.  I’m excited to see how her quilt will finish up!

Looking forward to starting Carol’s blocks now.  I got the fabric today and I’m looking forward to using it!

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Hi everyone!

I mailed out the fabrics for June’s Blocks last Friday.  You should start receiving them very soon.  I neglected to put any information in with them though.  Woops!  I was in such a hurry to mail them out.  I’d love to have 2 blocks from everyone.  There should be plenty of fabric for that.  The end size should be between 12.5-13 inches square.  I’m more than happy for fabric substitutions if you feel you’d like to add something.  The basic theme is log cabins with the solids on one side and prints on the other.  You can even play around with that too and throw a print on the solid side and vice versa.  I hope everyone has fun with this!!!

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