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May blocks details

It’s almost May and I will be mailing out your little fabric bundles probably today or next Monday. Are you excited to get started yet?!

12 Squared stacks ready to go out into the world

Here are your bundles waiting to go! Each of you will get a one of these bundles. I think that that there is enough fabric there for at least 3 blocks, I really wanted to make sure everyone had enough fabric to make their 2 blocks.  Everyone’s got about the same amount of fabric weight-wise but everyone’s pieces are cut differently and not everyone got the same fabrics. There is about 20 different prints spread out between everyone. I would like the selvedge tying the bundles to be used as well inside at least 1 block per person. I found this tutorial that could be helpful in figuring out how to include them in the block.

At first, I wasn’t sure what kind of block I wanted. I went back and forth between Spiderweb blocks, String blocks and Wonky Log Cabin blocks. In the end, I decided that I would let the fabric be the deciding point for which blog I’d choose. A lot of my prints have big designs that would get lost cut up in narrow strips so the only way to let them shine was to cut them up in more or less wide strips. And this kind of pieces would look good in a “simple” pieced block like my inspirational mosaic below.

Pieced blocks inspiration

I said simple in quotation mark because I realize that they might not be so simple in the way that there is no predefined way of putting the fabrics together, you’ll really have to use your imagination!

Here are the details for what I would like you to do:
Please make two (2) 13″ blocks, that way I can trim a bit if I need to.
Please use the selvedge in at least 1 block, and if you would like to put some in both, go ahead!
If you think that there’s way too many prints for your comfort zone, please feel free to use (a) coordinating solid(s). I would love if you could use most of the prints I sent though! If, for some reason you needed a bit more fabric, I do have a bit leftover I could send you.

If you have any additional questions, you have my email!


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my first quilt finished!

Hello everyone! I’m Megan, aka { philisitne made } + the Knitting Philistine. I want to welcome everyone to the 12 Squared Quilting Bee! I’m really excited about this year-long project we’re embarking on, and I hope you all are too!

I’m also really excited that I have finally finished my first quilt (that’s it, in the above photo)! That’s right, just my first! I’m relatively new to the quilting world–I got my first sewing machine just under a year ago and quickly taught myself how to sew quilt tops. I’ve been *avidly* making quilt tops since last May and I’ve got a pretty large stack of them now that need finishing! It has taken me a little while to gather the courage to start finishing all of my quilt tops, but now that I’ve knocked out the first one, I’m ready to get them all quilted + bound! Here’s a peek at all of the tops I have waiting to be finished:

my quilt tops.

As you can see, I really love relatively simple patchwork designs and using bright + colorful + happy + whimsical fabrics. As my quilting skills slowly become more sophisticated, I think I’ll be moving toward more complicated, vintage patterns, such as the double wedding ring, triple irish chain, etc. My true stylistic love is combining traditional + vintage patchwork designs with super-modern fabrics. Though, that said, I also really love the free-form of Gee’s Bend style quilts, too!

I’m not sure yet what sort of challenge I’ll be bringing to you all for my quilting bee blocks. I have some ideas, but my month isn’t until November, so I have some time yet to plan and decide! At the moment, I’m thinking about half square triangles . . . but we’ll leave it at that.

Now it’s your turn to tell us all something about yourself!
Happy quilting!

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