Blocks so far

Thanks so much to everyone who has sent along their blocks. I’m especially fond of the ones with the triangles. I appreciate your taking the time to be creative with these. I also think it’s neat that 2 of you ladies used the bird fabric in a very similar block style (I like!). I originally imagined this with big fields of color between some of the blocks but I love how they look edge to edge, too!

quilt 002

These are all of the blocks I have received to date and I’ve emailed each one of you to thank you. If you have sent yours and haven’t heard from me, give me a heads up. Generally I don’t have problems with the  mail but I just want to double check since it’s been a couple of weeks since some of you posted your finished blocks.


Blocks for Linda

After nearly a month of not being able to sew, I’ve been slowly catching up on my blocks.  Maybe I’m just not as quick as some of you or I need your sewing machines [ 😉 ]but my blocks definitely take more than an hour from planning, cutting, sewing and pressing.  Thank you to everyone for their patience.  I really enjoyed working on these Bauhaus blocks.  I think I may draw on this idea in the future!  I hope you like these Linda!

72 Squares

I finished these up yesterday and just needed this morning to press them.  I’m sure there was an easier way but I sewed all the squares up individually into rows and then blocks.  I wanted to make sure all the squares were where I placed them! I did one mistake square with a notched corner and another one with 3 different pieces. I had to look twice to find them and I even sewed them!
Squares for Chawne

Blocks for Linda

I had fun putting together these little blocks for you Linda! Hope they are what you’re looking for! I love the idea of the pops of pink. I can’t wait to see this one all put together!

12Squared - Feb.

blocks for Linda

I am interested to see how Linda’s quilt turns out! So…I approached this assignment by printing out a copy of one of her sample blankets to search for a natural rectangle and trying to reproduce using the given fabrics.

a simple block

Lather, rinse, repeat three times:

four simple blocks

Fun! I hope these are what Linda’s looking for…

Block Catch-Up

I wanted to share some of the blocks I made, I am finally caught up (woo!). Thanks everyone for hanging in there and apologies for my late blocks. I also posted about these on my blog, so I’ll make it quick over here.

blocks for chawne

First are Chawne’s blocks from January. Summary: I had a hard time matching corners. I really did try. Sigh.

12squared blocks

Next are November’s Neighborhood blocks for Megan. Summary: Yay, fun, wish I could have made more blocks but was running short on time and didn’t want to hold on to them any longer.

12squared blocks
And finally, here are October’s Sampler blocks for Melanie. Summary: Thanks for trading months, Melanie! And I hope you like what I did with the colors.


I spent the day rounding up the fabric for the February blocks, and will ship it out this week. For inspiration, I turned to these weavings from the Bauhaus exhibit at Moma (click here for another example):
quillting bee info

A bit abstract, and a bit of a departure for me, but I think it will be fun. I’ve sent each of you packages with a lot of solid grays (and some solid greens and yellows, although not every bag), yellow/green/gray prints, and a few sprinklings of pink and magenta in there for fun.

quillting bee info

I sent each of you more than enough fabric (I hope) to make, ideally, 4 blocks. Each  squared up block should measure 6.5″ wide by 10.5″ tall. You can definitely make more blocks if you have time and desire (some can be as simple as 2 squares sewn together).  Please return any unused fabric to me along with your blocks.

-If you get a piece of fabric in your pack that includes some pink (click here for examples of pink fabrics), please be sure include a bit of that fabric in at least one of your blocks. (If you have multiples w/pink, you can include all in one block or a bit of each in one block or whatever you want. I want them to be the floating “what the!?!” things that make your eye travel through the quilt.

-Please include a bit of gray in each block (this does not necessarily  have to be a solid gray)

– Please make at least one of your blocks be a striped block (ie. just strips of fabric, such as the first sketched block shown below)

– Please feel free to add a bit of fabric from your stash if you like.

– Please, do not worry if you have wonky (not straight) lines. I like wonky. (But. Please do press your seams!)

– Have fun with the other blocks. I’m going for blocks that are geometric. Here’s a sketch of some simple ideas that I came up with, feel free to use them or use your own.

quillting bee info

Please send any unused fabric back to me, as I’ll use it to make the rest of the blocks. I plan on including big fields of solid colors and printed fabrics in between the blocks. It will be a fun experiment, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Thanks for playing, and let me know if you have any questions!