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Three blocks for Sarah

After a stressful week at work with no time for crafting, I sat down on Friday night to work on a block for Sarah. My instincts these days are always improvisational but that isn’t what everyone enjoys.

wonky block for Sarah

I felt really bad this morning when I compared my square with the others posted here, so I tried to concentrate on more traditional styles and managed to eke out two more 13″ blocks. In this first one, I made a mistake in adding a log in what was supposed to have been a half log cabin, but decided to turn it into a design element.

another block for Sarah

This next one is the most traditional and was super fun, but came up short on the final blue round so I added the strip of red. I like the oddness of that red strip, but it’s easily fixed, if Sarah has a bit more of the red fabric.

yet another block for Sarah

So, Sarah, I hope you like at least two of these…!

three blocks for Sarah


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July Blocks – done

My sewing machine broke down over the holiday weekend and I had to wait until Monday morning to see if my quilt shop could fix it. It was extremely frustrating because I had a few sewing projects I was looking forward to working on over the weekend, including Sarah’s blocks.

Thankfully, my machine was fixed rather quickly and Monday afternoon I was able to work on my July blocks.

12 Squared - blocks for Sarah

One of the blocks is a more traditional square within a square block and the other one is 4 squares within squares. I really hope that Sarah will like them!

I really loved the fabrics selection, especially the red waves and the brown drops. I need some of those for my own stash!

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